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Welcome to Electronic Publisher. We’re digital content and copywriting professionals that understand the importance of good SEO and its impact on electronic publishing. We work with clients across the globe, creating great content, improving rankings and monetising websites that capitalise on the concept of publishing electronically. 

SEO writing is key to the success of a website, and that is why we are trusted by thousands of site owners. Our proven success in creating high-ranking content and SEO-friendly copywriting speaks volumes. We have been doing this for over a decade, and have gone from strength-to-strength since launching.

It’s just just about our services, though, we also want to help freelancers and beginners to get better at their content marketing and SEO techniques.

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The Benefits of an Electronic Publisher

Many readers are opting for digital publications over hard copies. Physical newspaper and books sales have dropped since the invention of the Kindle, and now more are moving over to home assistants. It’s never been more convenient to hear the headlines or read a book, as Google and Alexa home assistants can do both, completely handsfree. 

Home assistants will only highlight the top results, and this is where a good electronic publisher comes in. Your content needs to be of great quality, unique, and optimised for the best search rankings. Getting your electronic publishing strategy right is vital to the success of your online presence, and we can hep you to do this.

Social Media Content Writing Services

Social media is the single biggest invention of the 21st century, and users spend hours each day browsing Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and others. As well as our on-site writing services, we also specialise in social media content creation. We’re talking engaging infographics, memes, viral videos and much more.

Your social media presence, as a business or a personal blog, can be a key to the success of your website. Ultimately, social profiles should be used to drive traffic to your website, thus increasing sales or conversions. So while you’re waiting for your SEO to pay off, social content can begin immediately.

Engaging Posts
website monetisation

Website Monetisation

Even if you run your site as a hobby, not a business, it’d be great to make money from a website, right? This is website monetisation, something you will find plenty about on Electronic Publisher. We can help you to turn your site into a money making machine.

This revenue can come from advertisements or referrals, and the earning potential is huge. We all know about how much Youtubers can make from their channels, or other social influencers. But, less is known about how much can be made from a leading blog or comparison site.

Making Your Content Go Further

Having an idea is just the beginning. Our content writing services make these ideas a reality, and ensure that the text is perfectly optimised for electronic publishing. We can work seamlessly as an extension to your existing content team, or as a completely dedicated resource. Either way, we have a solution for your needs.

Our website will provide you with information about our content writing services, but that’s not all. We also have helpful tips and guides that are designed to help site owners create better content themselves. Don’t forget to check out our blog for the latest advice on all things SEO and content.

making content go further

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need an electronic publisher if you want your content to reach your audience. There is a certain technique to creating content for the digital platform, especially the home assistant. Using an agency like ours helps to make the process much easier.

To write good blogs for SEO, it should be about a topic that readers are searching for, and should contain keywords specific to that. Create a good structure with clear headings and imagery, making the blog easy to digest. Doing all of this will result in better exposure.

How long it takes to create website content depends on exactly how much you need. Regardless, it can be time-consuming and needs to be done well. This is where our content writing services can help you.