Make Money From a Website

One of the questions we’re asked the most is, how do websites make money from traffic? We all hear about the importance of good rankings and high traffic, but what is the benefit of it all? The truth is that if you can generate plenty of visitors to your website, you can make good money from it in a variety of different ways. Exactly what you can earn depends on the site niche and the deals you strike with advertisers. On this page, we will cover all of this.

This helpful guide will take you the steps you need to take to make money from a website. We cover the most popular types of monetisation, and which may work best for you.

How To Monetise Your Website

Monetising your website begins by making it worth something. Having a domain name and a blog is just the beginning. In order to get any interest from advertisers, you will need regular visitors, and lots of them.

Generating traffic takes a good SEO strategy, as well as time and patience. If you’re generating traffic, the number one way to monetise your site is through advertising. This doesn’t necessarily need to be somebody paying for an advertising spot, it can also come from referral traffic. For example, your website ranks for an iPhone review and there’s a ‘buy now’ button that links to the iPhone on Amazon. If a purchase is made, you can get a cut. This is known as affiliate marketing.

Generate organic traffic through good rankings on search engines
Sell advertising space on sidebars, headers, footers and other areas of your website
Sign up for affiliate marketing schemes and earn a percentage on purchases

Decide Your Niche

So first things first, you need to decide your niche, or topic of your website. It’s always best that this is something you’re passionate about, but earning potential should also play a part in the decision. Some prime examples of topics easy to monetise include tech, casino and fashion.

Do plenty of research about your topic, including; who is the competition? how many people are searching for the keywords? what is the potential? These are the single most important aspects of any website plan and should be done at the very beginning before a site is built. Using an Electronic Publisher will ensure this is done correctly and done by a professional.

Strike Good Deals

Once you are at the point of generating good traffic, it’s time to start selling your site to advertisers. There are many affiliate programs out there that you can sign up for and begin earning with straight away. But don’t just jump at any offer, make sure it’s a fair one. Think about the kind of revenue you can be driving to the advertiser, and negotiate before going ahead with anything.

To make money from a website, you need to properly research your topic and perfect your SEO writing. Get these parts right and search engines will rank your website for popular search queries. Create great content and strike a good deal with advertisers, and you have the perfect monetisation formula.

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